A Modern Day FairytaleMature

A modern day fairytale where a girl discovers another land which shows her the truth about her own life.

A silver lake stretched out in front of me, the moon sending its white orb image down from the heavens to be reflected perfectly in the still waters. A ripple appeared, and I watched as a fish swam back down to the depths of the water, from where it had surfaced moments before.

A swooping sound rang in my ears, and as I raised my head I saw a dragon, framed against the shining moon, two baby dragons fumbling along in the air with her. I sighed, watching as the dragon disappeared in to the dark night sky, then looked around me. A snapping twig caught my attention; I spun to face a young girl who reminded me of my sister, even in the dark. She was smiling and beckoning at me to follow. Then suddenly her smile disappeared as an arm wrapped around her neck and she began to choke. I ran towards her, but no matter how hard I tried I could not move any further towards her. The last thing I saw was a face behind my sister... an evil face that smiled maliciously as she fought the life out of the little girl.

I gasped and sat up in my bed, sweating slightly. Loud music was playing in the room next to mine and I shook myself, trying to rid myself of the dream before I marched in to my sisters room.

"Oh my god! Can you just try and be normal for once in your life?!"

My sister Sara stuck her tongue out at me and continued to dance around her room, ignoring my yelling. I finally gave up and headed for my bathroom for a shower. Why did I have to have that creepy dream the day before my first day back at school?


Sunglasses, check. Prada heels, check. Adorable dress, check. So ready for my last year at school. Prom Queen here I come. I climb out of my porsche and head to join the crowd around school. As usual, everyone is looking at me, which I enjoy, although it does make me feel self conscious. And there are my girls, surrounded by the jocks and my perfectly gorgeous boyfriend Logan. Time to make an entrance.

The End

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