A life without a dream

I'm just another dreamer. Just another person that has an icon/idol or an inspiration. We've all got one,for different reasons,good and bad influences.

It's only the braver people that make their dreams become their reality,but as always in life,it's not easy. There is hardship,struggle,pain but without this,what is the point in striving for it. We have these things for a reason and I think that reason is to reach our goals in life. Living it how you want. Doing it your way. Your not selfish,spoilt or aragont,your independant,strong and a hard worker.

There is nothing wrong with having a dream. Even if it's the most craziest or randomest idea ever,it still can be strived for. Nothing is impossible. We have conquered flying,so why not other things we've always wanted to do?

So have your dream,strive for it and no matter what people say,do it your way.

Because a life without a dream is like tea without milk. Chips without ketchup.

It's a big part of you,so don't let it be wasted.

The End

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