Reaching the Middle Point...

Dear diary...

It has been years since my last confession.... I mean... yes, confession would be the right word. If I write down my feelings and thoughts freely, honestly, and sometimes with regret, that may just be confessing.

An event will take place next year that will change the course of my life forever. It is a middle point, a cross road, a thought provoking moment, a  life changing experience.

There is no legal way of stopping it, there is no holding back, no retarding it, there is no return, it is set in motion and now it will fulfill its mission. It will have consequences, some good, some bad, some enriching, some humbling.  I am loosing something precious, I am gaining something wonderful. Life will never be the same.

Beauty and youth vanishing away... grieving the loss.

Maturity and wisdom growing... celebrating the gain.

yeh, yeh, I know I am a Drama Queen. I promise to myself that I will embrace turning Forty like a Woman!

to be continued...

The End

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