Entry three (bookbanana)

Dear Diary,

This is my third post, you should feel proud of me :D

It's raining here, again. I like the rain- it's wet and cleansing feeling. I sounds beautiful, as though a piece of music is being played. Though I dislike the rain for the mud-which I have to trudge through in order to take the city bus anywhere :\

Have you ever felt a storm within yourself? Well, obviously not since 'you' are virtual, but the question I feel applies to anyone reading this entry. Storms (within yourself) are much like rain storms outside.  Sometimes they hurt, when elements like logic and emotion clash together, but in the end it's usually cleansing, you learn something.  Mud, or harmful effects, are caused by both, but as in reality, the sun can always dry it up :)

So, to conclude this little metaphor, or parody, whichever, I shall say that I am at the moment in a storm. Let's just hope for the sun!

Pafshim! Bon Soir! Good Bye! 



The End

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