Another Journalist

Dear Diary,

How many times have I attempted to write those words and continue for a few years, jotting them down every day? The closest I've gotten to a daily (or nightly) journal-writing session is when I was five; it was a Hello Kitty diary. I wrote about my "secrets," namely ones like, "My friend beat me at arm wrestling today, that means I'm WEAK!" (For some reason, as a five-year-old, I thought I was the strongest girl in my class and probably thought I had superpowers, as well.)

I'm also taking a journal in my English class, and usually I have nothing to write. Living in a small town, I lead a somewhat mundane life. My entries usually consist of: "Dear Journal, I have nothing to write again." So I plan to use this journal to keep track of my thoughts; those strange ones that occur to me during the day that I forget by the next.

Here are mine for today:

  • I wonder if I could write an inspirational speech?
  • What would my alternate-universe-self be like?
  • Do alternate universes exist?
  • What's the fourth dimension like? The fifth? Etc.

I didn't have that many, but they should appear in greater quantity and quality soon.

I also wanted to comment on a book I'm reading: Slaughterhouse Five. I absolutely love it, especially the symbolism and interesting stories.

That about wraps it up for today. How do I end a diary entry? I'll try this.

Goodbye, Diary!

The End

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