Death Of A Stranger

Dear Diary,

Today we had school and I expected the day to be normal like any other...studying, answering questions, day-dreaming and doodling on the sides of my notebook. We got the test results for ICT and Accounting and surprisingly, I'd done quite well for both.

My thoughts were side-tracked from their usual web when the sudden rumor went around that someone within the school had died. Being the clueless person I am, I couldn't find any answers to the questions that popped up in my head. Maybe it was just a rumor after all yeah?

But then when we lined up with our classes for the second assembly, the director of the services was standing on the small stage of ours and the principal was also there. My fears were confirmed when she announced the death of one of the students in Form 6.

It's strange how you never quite get to knowing someone and they pass away. Somehow, you feel like you were missing out on something when you see the tears that are being shed and the murmurs of what a great guy he was. almost as if you'd wasted your time not getting to have known him.

People die everyday, right this second even when I'm typing this, more then one person is dying somewhere across the world. I do not know who they might be but I still feel saddened when I hear of the cholera outbreaks in Haiti or the deaths of the miners in Switzerland.

Life is strange...but it goes on, just like mine will tommorow and any other day.

I do not fear death but I will embrace it when it appears before me, because after all, what happens happens and sometimes you can't change that.

A Sad Adios,

=} Trish {=

The End

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