First entry (by bookbanana)

Dear Diary,

I know, what a cliche beginning. But I would like to remind you that it is cliche for a reason, and that the word 'cliche' is awesome!

I have heard a diary described as a place to write your hopes and dreams, you thoughts and passions, you ups and your downs. I believe that this is incorrect. I think that a diary should be a place to record your life, a place to place your thoughts onto paper without having it critisized. 

So, I do conclude this first entry, with a hope of actually writing another one. THe next may include more information about myself personally and my life, or it may not. Thus plays out the excitement of an 'Infrequent Diarist"


P.S. I shall entreat you to a lovely poem, written by moi. I wrote it within ten minutes, so no hating. I call it "Crossing the street, the Tirana version"

'A path, shall I follow?

Wet, I step down, about to go. My feet touch the bottom of the ledge when I get wet

Water splashed me, drenching my legs in dirty water

Sound, a loud noise goes off at me, scarring me back to my safe haven because of it's loud sound

People, they are brave, they decide to go without the little green man, I step down with the people

Half-way, I am there. About to take another step when something rushes by, I am still only half-way

End, I am there. The green man has appeared, but the dispersed people pay no mind, it must mean that it is the end.'


The End

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