Dear Diary,

Here I am. I bet you're thinking "ah,  just another infrequent diarist". Well you've got that right. I barely have the time to jot down my thoughts on peices of scrap paper anymore and when I do, it's usually during a boring class where I get caught for supposedly 'sending notes'. Oh well, that was an irrelevant peice of infomation.

You know it's weird how someone's life, especially a girls, goes through all these unnecessary turns in middle school. Bestfriend fights, crushes and infatuations, fighting over a guy yadayadayada...it's so stupid! I mean...it's a waste of time and it's totally not worth worrying over each day.

"Oh my, I don't want me and Emma to fight. Urgh! She's such a retard!" And to think I myself had to go through those horrifying changes. Blergh!

From now on, Beatrice will no longer be involved in Drama-rama! I'm free from the tortures of middle school! Well actually, that's half-true since I still have to do homework and all that. --_-- Sad life really.

Oh well.

Till my next entry!

=} Trish {=

The End

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