A Journal For The Infrequent Diarist

I've always wanted to start a journal or a diary or whatever but I never got past the first or second entry. This will probably not get past the first or second entry either, but feel free to add on your thoughts, a random poem, a strange dream, a nightmare, an idea, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Dear Diary,

I've always wanted to start a journal or diary, but never really sure how to start, or what I would want to put in it. Or, I would simply just write once in it, only to discover it years later beneath a mass of other failed stories or journal entries, which I usually just throw away during every "cleaning".

So I guess this is where I begin--or should I say "we" (if anyone desires to join in, add on, or even read this in the first place). A gathering of entries of Infrequent Diarists; thoughts, ideas, dreams, nightmares, jokes, poems....a writing scrapbook, perhaps?

Guess this is all I have to say for now. Not very sure how to close such an entry, so, farewell, I suppose.

The End

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