A Hardened HeartMature

A small rant I needed to get out of my system, so I'm sorry if its all grammatically useless!

Why do you get to do all the things I can't? You go on and on at me about how "It is not acceptable to shout and sulk", but yet here you are again doing just that. You say "You know when my mood's changed". HA! The whole house knows when you're angry, cause you walk around like someone's stabbed your sister!  I sit up here listening to you and Mum arguing over your  moods about tissues left in pockets, and a glass of milk left on the landing. When did you get so PATHETIC! For fucks sake, Father, you're meant to be the adult here, not me! You're meant to treat my mother nicely, and not be moaning on at her about everything that's pissed you off today- oh, and a nicely veiled jab at me too, while I'm talking about that little gem! I mean Jesus, my sister was sat at that table looking out the window looking like she was about to cry! Do you even see what you do? You scare the crap out of her, and enrage me so much I have to bite my tongue to stop myself screaming at you.  You have NO right to scare her like that over something so petty and CRAPPY as that.  Is it any wonder my aunt doesn't come over any more?! From what I hear, she's as pissy and hard to read as you are! Not that I've seen her in years to know for myself!

I want to live with my friends, I really do.  Anything than you making me feel inferior to my sister, to you, at every breath whenever you get pissed off with life.  I  want, so much, to take my sister, and my mother, to my grandparents' and live there. That way, I can talk to you when you're happy, and being jokey and cheerful and cringey, like dads are meant to, and not when you're screaming at me, or scaring my sister, and making my mother pull that face she does when you're being an ass.

Do you even care about me anymore? About what I do, and what I am, as a person not a grade machine? Its not even like you seem to give a toss about my grades either.  You're so volatile these days, it's unreal. 

Talk to me when you truly, truly care, and aren't being picky or angry or a moody teenager.

The End

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