The Dimension

So, here is where I'm going to explain any aspect of the Black Silk universe that I've made up, as well as some of the more unique characters.

Now, I think it's quite important that I fully explain what the Dimension is and what it's like. It is, in fact, the main background for the second book (which is coming soon) and a very complex world.

It's not exactly unlike our Earth, but much more distinct. It is the place where nearly all eldritch (supernatural) creatures originated - with the main exception of vampires, as their leader was born on Earth of two humans.

The Dimension is in perpetual night, the moon always hanging high in the sky. It is more like a medieval version of our planet than anything more modern. There is no electricity, and very little machinery; all work is done by hand. Candles are the only unnatural source of light, save the fires and lights conjured with magic.

Most of those who live in the Dimension are eldritch creatures. Those who aren't - humans - are slaves. The slave trade is a big business, with thousands of people being sold and bought every year.

In this world, time passes much quicker than it does on Earth. It passes at an approximate rate of 1:6; one unit of time here is equal to six of the same unit in the Dimension.

It is a relatively small world, with different aristocracies of all the different races. There are vast towns that tend to be made up of a single species, but the main city is the centre of all trade, meaning that individuals and groups of every species flock to it in the hope of making a future there.

Many younger eldritch creatures work in households as maids, butlers, cooks, et cetera. Those who can't find work live in squalor and poverty, and don't usually have enough money to afford a house, let alone food. They live on the streets, begging and stealing. The pretty ones have the option of prostitution to fall back on, male and female.

Vayan is the currency used. The coins are all made of chandu, a type of metal commonly found in rocks and underground. The coins representing different amounts are different sizes and different shapes.

Aprioris is one the many narcotic drugs grown and sold for sale in the criminal underworld. It is also the most common addiction. Anomalat, voetse and hadaat are some other common drugs.

There are a few holidays throughout the year, though not many; different races celebrate different days but there are two universal ones that are recognised throughout the world: Shavuoth and Malgra. Shavuoth is a festival that celebrates the dead and recognises the major figures in the creation of all the species and the Dimension itself. Malgra is the festival that celebrates life and is a time to be grateful for what you have and give to those who don't.

I hope this is a good enough summing up of the Dimension. If there's anything else you'd like to know, post a comment here or on my profile. I'll post another page about the Dimension if there is anything else.

The End

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