Rich: All Forgiven

 Tallie fell into me, sobbing. I hugged her tightly. With that, I instantly forgave her. The guy who had followed Abbie groaned. I nodded at Nate who booted him in the face. He fell to the ground. I had one arm around Tallie, but the other was holding my phone. My adrenaline rush was making it hard to press the right buttons on the touch screen, even though they were the same three numbers.


 I told the police about the attacker, what happened, and that he's knocked out. They asked my name and where I was and who I was with. I answered almost robotically. The worst was over.

 The police got there very quickly and efficiently. They took the man away whilst he was still passed out. We all breathed a sigh of releif, though they still needed to question us all.

The End

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