Tallie: HELP!

The five of us were sitting in the bar waiting for Abbie to get here. It was a rarity of her ever being late.

"Where Do you guys thing Abbie is? She is NEVER this late" Nate questioned with a small sigh.

"I dont know.... OOh my phone just buzzed." I took my phone out of my pocket and slid it open

"SOS"  It was from Abbie.

"you guys... Abbie just sent an SOS message we better go out and look for her." I said worried. worrying is part of my nature whenn people tell me not to worry i worry more.

Nate jumped out of his seat and threw his jacket on and the rest of us followed him.

I started to call abbie. She answered out of breath

"TALLIE! h-help me theres someone chasing me! im not too far from the bar right now but i slid behind a dumpster in an alley a few blocks away!"

"Abbie dont worry we are on our way now" I was interupted by Nate taking my phone so he could talk to her.

"Abbie are you ok?" Nate said relieved that she was actually on the phone.

"I'm fine for now but i dont know how long it will be until the guy fingds be rush out here quick pleease. I'm terrified I think im on Oak street. Theres an alley im behind the dumpster BUT HURRY!"

"We'll be there as soon as we can!" Nate said rushed.


He hung up, handed me my phone and rush out the door i followed.  the others stayed behind. I guess they figured the two of us could take care of it quickly.

Once i got out the door Rich was beside me grabbing on to my arm.

"Tallie you cant go without me."he said

"Then come on!"

I ripped my arm out of his grasp and sprinted, he did the same.

We finally got to oak street and i think i saw the guy she was talking about and apparently the guys did too. he was near the ally that Abbie was most likely down. When the guys paused i sprinted and tried to tackle the guy when i heard Abbie's faint scream, he was right beside here looking directly toward her. When i landed on him he fell to the ground me on top of him.

His hood fell back. i could make his face out. very defined with a scar running down his cheek.

"ABBIE RUN!!" i yelled she crawled quickly out from behind and ran towards the guys. I still on top of the man pinned him down, that didnt last for long. once abbie got to the guys a rolling fest started and once he was on top of me He pulled his hand back for a punch. luckily rich was there and he caught his fist and turned it behind the guys back, then pulled him off of me. i ran over to nate and abbie and once i was over there rich pinned him against the wall punched him once very strongly and the guy apparently passed out. When rich got over to me he yelled.


I fell into his arms and started sobbing.

The End

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