Today had been the usual, woken up in the morning, gone off to my summer part time job. All just the norm. But I hadn't been expecting what would happen later on.

"You work too much Abbie," Kyle muttered, on the other side of the clothing rack. We were organizing all the clothes in the department store, putting all the ones in their right positions. But to my surprise, the quiet Kyle who never really talked much to me even after knowing each other and helping eachother out for the past two and a half weeks, was now saying I worked too much.

"It's the weekend. Why are you here?"

"I need the money. What about you? You're here too," I argued back with him.

He looked up from his brown bangs that were brushing his forehead. "I'm assigned these days, and besides, I need the money too. But I don't work 6 days each week like you do. That's just too much."

With a shrug, I said, "I'm alright with it."

He ignored me and continued, "And even when you do get free-time of your own, you always go to the same bar. What's in it for you there? You could go somewhere else. Instead, same bar, everyday...routine of your summer. How exciting!"

I glared at him and shoved one of the hangers onto the steel bar of the rack a bit too hard. "What's your problem?"

He sighed at me and leaned in. "You need to have some fun. It's summer for chrissake. Don't work now."

"'s my life and my choices and I want to do this."

"Fine, whatever. Just...wanted to give you some advice. Your loss."

I smiled at him and whispered a thank-you.

Work ended a few hours later. Kyle and I didn't talk to each other at all after that. Finally I said my good byes and left, heading out the department store, towards the direction of the bar. It was only a few blocks away and no harm in walking right?

After only a few minutes of walking slowly, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw no one. The streets were deserted and evening was in but I could've sworn I heard 'em. I started walking faster, feeling insecure. Hearing the footsteps again, I turned around and saw a cloaked figure walking a few steps toward me. I knew it was a guy and he was freaking me out.

That's when I ran for it. I'm not exactly a cheetah but I'm pretty fast but through the wind blowing against my face, I could hear the running pace of a man behind me. You guys...I'm scared.

The End

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