the four of us left at our table. without brad things are more quiet, because after all he was the conversationalist of the group. before they left i was thinking about leaving myself.                            

"well i think i should go home myself" i said nervously, not wanting to seem rude. then i stood up.                                                    

"me too" abbie said with a big breath                                              

    walking to stand over rich i spoke again "mmk, so alright i'll see you later sweetie!" rich tilted his head back and kissed me good night, i kissed him back and then stood up straight. "bye nate!"          

 "bye see ya later"                                                                                        

abbie and i walked out together, and once by my car i gave her a half hug and a see ya later as i stepped into my black convertable volks wagon.

The End

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