Sitting back and relaxing at the bar with Nate and all the others only makes me think about how fast life had flown past. Tucking back the strands of my straight black hair behind my ear, I lay my head on Nate's shoulder.

 Since I was a baby, I'd been friends with each and every one of them; the beautiful angel-like Tallie, the elegant Aiden, the charismatic Brad, charming Rich, and my love, Nate. They seemed to be the only ones who understood me and knew me for myself. Being my only friends, they were a constant part of my everyday life.

 I wasn't quite part of the popular crowd at school. Anyone would take one look at me and identify me as a loner. I felt isolated most of the time, never really accepted anywhere for who I was. I don't what it was about me that made me that way. That's when they all seemed like a godsend to me. They'd let me in and accepted me for who I am instead of thinking of me as a social outcast.

With them, I found out who I truly am and had a smile on my face all the time. Sometimes I just wondered what would have happened if –


 I lifted my head up and glanced at Tallie who was smiling at me.

"Spacing out eh?"

 "I guess so…"

 "What's on your mind?" Nate's soft voice whispered in my ear.

 With a smile, I turned my head to face him and said, "Just thinking about stuff. I find it amazing that after all these years, we're all still, you know, here. Together."

 There was a short silence before I found the exact words I'd wanted to say.

"Seems like a miracle."

The End

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