A Group of Friends in Love

You'll never guess what this story's about! How did you guess that it's about a group of friends that are in love? Lol, just kiddin'.
Please join, this story is about six friends who each fall in love with another member of the group. But I'm going to choose the characters, what they look like and who they fancy.


 We all sat at our usual table, in the usual bar. We all ordered our usual drinks, and laughed at bad jokes. As usual.

 "So, Rich and Tallie, what're you gonna be doing tonight?" asked Brad, the comic relief of the group. He raised his eyebrows. He always used innuendos when referring to me and Tallie, my girlfriend of the group. She had long wavy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and pale skin. She was beautiful, and she had a great figure.

 I, however, had long black hair that fell an inch over my pale forehead. I had quite big muscles, and I kept in great shape. I, too, had piercing blue eyes.

 I looked over at Brad. He had blond hair, spiked up in an orderly way. He had small, beady black eyes, and he was always laughing he was very tanned.  He had deep nasolabial folds from laughing too much. He was dating Aiden, a beautiful brunette. She had straight, long brunette hair that was glossy and nice. She, too, was tanned, and was originally Latino. She was also beautiful.

 And sitting with his girlfriend, was Nate. He was an emo, and his long black hair was swept over his eye-liner-covered green eyes. he had pale skin, and a lip piercing. He didn't like to talk to strangers, but was really talkative when you got to know him. he, too, was quite muscled. He had his arm hung around his girlfriend, Abbie. She was quite pale, and looked like a spitting image of Selena Gomez, except with straightened hair.

 And that was our group of friends. We were all twenty-two, and we had all been friends since...well, birth.


The End

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