I put my phone back in my pocket and stared at the fifteen different shades of red on the paint palette. Then my face broke into a grin which I couldn't make go away.

I thought over the conversation I'd just had with Carter. My Carter. We were clearly boyfriend and girlfriend now. Okay, he hadn't said so, but he didn't need to. I'd always know he'd loved me, even if he hadn't been very good at expressing that, but he'd broken through that and proved me right today.

I needed to thank Kerry for stealing her brothers phone and getting Carter's number off it for me, but first I had to complete my Emotional Rainbow. I had all the colours for different things that had happened to me throughout life, but I had never yet filled in red, because until earlier Carter had never confirmed he loved me too.

I dipped the brush into the darkest shade of scarlet and began the final stage of the multicoloured arch on the wall of my bedroom, but instead of doing a simple line, I carefully wrote one word, one name, over and over again.


The End

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