"He really doesn't like you, ya know."

I turned round to see Alex and co (also known as Carter's friends) standing behind me.

"You know lying isn't a good habit to get into?" I told him.

"I'm not-," he said, before the bell went cutting him off. When it stopped, he repeated it.

"I'm not lying. He hates you," he said, looking like he was struggling to keep a straight face.

"You're mean," I said.

At that, all of them burst out laughing. I felt anger rising in my head. I squashed the feeling, pushed past them and sought refuge in my first lesson, Spanish, in the library.

I slid into my usual place beside my best friend Kerry and got out my rainbow striped pencil case and my Spanish book which I'd backed with a picture of a bookshelf, which had books arranged in rainbow order from red at the left, to purple at the right.

I like rainbows.

I like Carter more, but he objected to having his name on my books.

So did the teachers. They said it was confusing.

So I covered it up with rainbows.

"Hey Miss Colourful. How's it going with Carter?" Kerry whispered to me.

"Amazing! I told him about Lemon - you know, my cousin Susan's new puppy - and he asked what breed it was! I didn't think he'd care, but he did!"

"Anything else?"

"Well, I asked if he wanted to come round on Saturday, but he said he had a football match in the morning and homework in the afternoon."

"Tell him he needs to stop doing so much stuff or he'll get stress and his hair might fall out. He's always doing something! That boy's too busy!"

"Oh my god! Carter, bald! That would be terrible! Anyway, I asked him if I was annoying, and he said I talk too much. Do I talk too much?"

"Of course you don't talk too much. I mean, you only talk twenty four hours a day, seven days a week."

We both started giggling at this until the teacher told us to be quiet, and then the lesson started.

"Ooh, what's that?" said Kelly, pointing at my necklace.

I fingered the silver heart with a capital C encraved on the front. No points for guessing what it stands for.

"Oh, that? I got it yesterday."

"It's really nice!"


I looked up at the teacher, who had just finishing writing what we were to do on the board. I opened my book and started doing it.

By the end of the lesson, I had several pages of regular and irregular Spanish verbs and two margins of E+C in a heart and I<3 Carter Maxwell etc.

And one Note to self - Talk less!

The End

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