Hiya! I'm Emily Harrows, but don't call me that. Call me Emily. Or Emi (say it Emee). Or even Em. I don't mind. Just don't add the Harrows bit.

I'm five foot four. Or five foot three? Somewhere in between? I don't know. But that's okay, because it doesn't matter about being exact.

I have bright green eyes and thick brown hair that is sort of wavy and sort of curly. I can never decide which. I'm thinking about growing it, or maybe cutting it short, but I'm not sure whether to make it longer or shorter, so I asked Carter, but he ignored me. As per usual.

Carter. Three words for him: Me. And. You. I wish that was true.

But he doesn't think that. He finds me annoying! How? How am I annoying? I don't get it.

Anyway, the simple version is:

Me->Carter= <3

Carter->Me= </3

Yes, it's true. He doesn't like me. Sigh.

Why, though? Why doesn't he like me?

I know! I'll ask him. Tomorrow.

The End

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