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Pristine (My fan-made character) moves to Mobius, and is saved from Dr. Eggman by Sonic. Together, with Sonic's friends, they stop Eggman from bring all villains from different dimensions to help him take over the world!

*My profile pic is what Pristine looks like!*

Name: Pristine Hedgehog

Age: 13

Bio: I moved to Mobius not to long ago, but after when my parents died from a plane crash 3 years ago. I hope my life in Mobius continues to be as stress-free as it has in the past, unlike my old home back in Vertice, Dorado (fake place). Anyway, my life in Mobius is uncomplainable. Made up word, btw. We'll just see if Mobius stays stress-free. We'll see...

Voice Actor: Colleen Villard (Played Sora in Digimon: Digital Monsters)

The End

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