A Final Farewell

This is not entirely true, but it reflects how I am feeling at the moment. Also, the name used here is not original, but my initials have been retained.

Dear all,

Let it be known from this day forward, that one Margaret Smith, of creative temperament, is no more. She has been lost in the annals of career options, of money-making, of mission statements and long-term goals. There exists no space for poetry in the precision of PCMB subjects.

All that remains of this Margaret Smith now is her body and her mind, working in tandem towards prestigious colleges and lucrative job offers; the heart, the soul has been ripped straight out of her, for there must be no such distractions as sentimental, heartfelt poetry in the pursuit of 'real happiness' and a 'settled life'. To the few who truly enjoyed her poetry, an apology is due; henceforth there shall be no more overflow of feelings, no more allusions and comparisons from this petty poet called Margaret Smith, and this letter is to be taken as her final farewell from all things creative.


The End

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