A Feeling

It is what gives us ou humanity, what seperates us from everything else in the universe.


They are what set us apart from wild animals and programmed machines. It tells us when we’ve been hurt on the inside, when a loved one has passed on or a best friend has drifted away. It fills us with rage, unrivaled fury against the world for taking away your first child or blind anger against an unfaithful partner. Emotions can be considered our greatest weakness, the Achilles heel that makes us less productive than machines and more impulsive than a creature of Nature. It is the arrow in our back, the bullet in our chest that will ultimately decide whether we live or die.

But they are much more than that. They are the stars that illuminate our bleak and seemingly infinite lives.  It gives us our very humanity, our compassion and our souls. It speaks to us and tells us when something is wrong…or when it is right. It guides us through our lives, showing us the joy in opening the model sports car that we’ve craved since we saw it in the mall. It makes us lightheaded and causes our heart to fly when we see the boy or girl of our dreams, when he holds you closely during a storm or when she kisses you underneath the old oak tree.

Our feelings are many things. Ultimately though, our feelings are our most precious possessions. They take the physical manifestation of many things-the love our life, the trusted friend, the mischievous little sister, the brother who always has your back, the father who always looks out for you, the mother who loves you unconditionally, the wise grandfather and the patient grandmother. Emotions are our ever present guide through this world, lest we assume we can hide them away or say they are not felt within ourselves. For in reality, those who say they have no emotion are usually the ones who think and ponder most of life’s events.

The End

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