A Different Ending Part 2

Angel-Not Fade Away-Ended May 19th 2004

Hundreds, if not, thousands of Demons are ready to face the battle. And the largest one of all... A Dragon. "In terms of a plan?" Spike asked the team, feeling nervous about the fight, knowing that not all of them were going to make it. In fact, they'd be lucky if just one of them survived. "We fight." Angel replied, the leader of the group, tightening his grip on his sword, ready for the biggest battle of his life. "Bit more specific?" Spike asked him, thinking over and over again were going to die.

     Spike glances towards Gunn, barely able to stand up with blood oozing from his stomach, his breaths heavy. His hand clutches at his stomach, trying so hard to slow the bleeding down, whilst his other hand holds onto the sword for dear life. Angel takes a dominant step forward and a small smile appears on his face. "Well personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon." He continues to look confident, whilst Illyria, Gunn and Spike look at him in disbelief. However, before anyone can say anything Angel speaks again. "Let's get to work."

     And just like that the group steps forward, getting closer to the villains opposite them. Before long, they're all running towards the Demons, the monsters and the terrifying Dragon. They all break into a run, apart from Gunn who's having trouble walking let alone runnning. And before they know it the fight begins...

     Angel's sword clips the wings of the Dragon, which then loses it's co-ordination and falls to the ground. Angel stabs it's sword into it over and over again. His strength slowly dissipating with each stab. But finally the dragon is the first thing dead and suddenly the odds look as though they're in the teams favour.

     With the Dragon gone Angel helps the team fight the other monsters. Illyria with all her strength just throws punches at each of the monsters and with one punch they die immediately. Some turn to dust, other monsters heads decapitate. And within moments she's killed ten monsters. Two monsters get past the team as they fight and go straight for Gunn.

     Gunn manages to stab one of them, which then falls to the ground. Dead.

     However, the next monster makes it more difficult for Gunn, when he climbs on top of him and starts trying to attack him. Gunn drops his sword and has to use his hands. His stomach wound turns into that of a sharp pain. But somehow, he gains the strength and he brings his knees back and his feet collide with the monster on top of him.

     The monster propells up into the air and falls to the ground with a thud. Gunn gets up from off the floor quickly, working entirely on adrenaline now. He picks up his sword and stabs the Demon in the heart. This particular Demon dies differently. The moment the sword reaches the Demon's heart blood spurts into the air like a water fountain, except made of a red/black liquid.

     Blood spurts onto Gunn's face, his clothes. Drenching him, along with the rain that falls. "That's nasty." Gunn complains and gets ready for his next attack. Spike tries his best, punching and stabbing creatures expertly. His long black jacket flies in the air with each move he makes.

     It's a very long battle.

     And Gunn dies. However, instead of Illyria's prediction of it being ten minutes, it actually took him an hour to die. But he took down a lot of foes with him, so he dies a hero. The heros continue to fight, Spike and Angel are slowly starting to lose their strength though, after all, they're only Vampiers. However, Illyria, with all her superhuman strength continues to plough on. She continues to put all her might into punching every villain. Killing them with her fists.

     The three heros get down to the last thousand villains. Spike and Angel continue to slow down, but they still fight for their lives. And that's when someone appears by Angel's side with a sword. That person was his Son.


     "I thought I told you to go!" Angel complained.

  "Your my Father, I'm not just going to leave you!" Connor complains, in the midst of stabbing a Vampire. Suddenly Angel gains back his strength, having his son next to him wants him to protect him. He works as hard as possible. Trying his best to protect his son. "Thank you." He tells Connor, who then flashes him a smile and continues to fight the good fight.

     And that's not all...

     Out of nowhere, a howl appears in the distance. Angel looks over and sees this hairy Beast. A werewolf.

      But it can't be...

      The werewolf starts tearing it's teeth into the Monsters. "I thought I told you to go away!" He shouts to Nina the Werewolf, but of course, she's in Werewolf form and doesn't understand. "Oh bugger!" Spike says as a monster cuts his arm, cutting his jacket and his shirt and his skin. "Oi! Mind the Jacket!" He complained and once again he becomes lively, fighting for dear might.

      Fate of the world on his shoulders. On all of their shoulders.

     But all of a sudden Spike stops fighting. He looks across the distance. He can't believe it. It's her, it's Buffy. He stares at her for a long time, gazes at her, completely ignoring the monsters going for him. Because she's here and nothing else matters.

     She stabs a Monster and starts to fight. Spike looks at Buffy with wonder, but then all of a sudden comes out of his daydream and fights for his life. Not only is Buffy here, but the Scooby Gang. Xander, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Faith, the Potentials, everyone!

     However, the Potentials are no longer just Potentials. The spell. They're all Slayers now.

      Everyone's here for this big battle. Everyone is here to save the world. This battle isn't over yet. Everyone pulls there weight, kicking, shouting, screaming, stabbing, decapitating, strangling, magic. Any form of action that can help them win this fight is happening.

     And that's when Willow works her magic. At first her eyes turn this dark black, but just like the last fight of Sunnydale, her hair turns blond. Her whole spirit shines. "Gone!" She shouts. "Dead!" She screams.

     That's all it takes. The monsters are gone. The Heros won the battle.

      As if it's some movie, the rain disappears too and the sun shines down brightly on the two Gangs of Heros that have saved the world many times.

     Suddenly Gunn starts coughing, Illyria immediately runs over to him, so she's by his side. "All my wounds are healed." He states out of surprise.

  "You mere mortals, how you can survive in those weak bodies I'll never understand." Gunn gives Illyria a strange look, not understanding her non-human beliefs.

     Just as that seems like the last miracle, something happens. Illyria's body brightens as a light shines down on her. It all happens so fast and that's when it happens...

     Not only is Illyria standing there, but right next to her is Winifred. Sweet fred that died from a disease, that turned into Illyria. Sweet Fred who loved Wesley dearly. Sweet Fred who could make no person angry.

     She smiled when she saw Angel. When she saw everyone. "Hi!" She said in that slightly Louisiana accent mixed with a little bit of Hill-billy. Everyone looked at her in disbelief. They couldn't believe what was going on.

     Well, it didn't seem to be affecting the Scooby Gang, who didn't really know her that well. Buffy walked over to Angel. "It's great to see you again." She smiles at him.

  "And you." Angel replies. Spike looks down at the ground, saddened that she chose to go to Angel first.

      Spike was the one that got a soul for her. Spike was the one that saved the world for her. Spike was the one that loved her. Angel had moved on, he'd moved on to Nina, so why couldn't Buffy just let Angel go?! And that's when he saw the shoes approach him. Spike looked up and saw Buffy's face.

     She looked at him slightly confused, but she smiled. "How are you back?"

  "I just am." Spike replies. "Go on, go back to St Bloody George over there." He tells her, but she doesn't move an inch.

  "Spike, what I said to you back in Sunnydale. Back before you died. I want you to know that I meant it."
  "What?" Spike asked.

  "I meant every word of it. I love you Spike."

  "You love me?" He asked shocked and she nodded her head.

  "And I'd love it if you could come with us all and help us fight."

  "You don't know how long I've waited for you to really mean it when you told me you loved me." Spike said, with tears present in his eyes. He walks over to Buffy, places his hand gently on her cheek. "I love you Buffy." He says and kisses her. And for the first time in a long time, she responds...

     Xander watches on slightly annoyed. "Great, that thing gets Buffy and what do I get? An eyepatch. What does she see in Spike anyway?" Xander says in an annoyed tone, his hatred for Spike being reflected easily.

  "Xander." Willow laughs. "I think tonight and what he did in Sunnydale has made amends for everything bad that he's done."
  "I disagree, once an evil scumbag, always an evil scumbag." Willow rolled her eyes when Xander said this.

     Suddenly a man with brown hair and stubble ran towards everyone. "Ok, I'm ready for the fight, I don't know what happened. I think I died, but then..." This man was Wesley and his eyes then found Fred. His dear Fred, that he'd loved for so long. He gazed longingly at her from across the path. He looked at her in disbelief. He loved her.

     Tears pricked the corners of his eyes. A small smile appeared on Fred's face and she slowly made her way to Wesley. Each step a tentative one. They were then just standing so close to one another. "How is this possible?" Wesley asked her. "Am I dreaming?"

  "Your not dreaming." She replied.

  "But your alive."

  "So are you, from what I heard you'd died."

     The tears fell down both Fred's and Wesley's face simultaneously. "I thought I'd lost you." Wesley told her, taking hold of her hand in his.

  "You'll never lose me." She replies. "I love you Wesley." he encloses his arms around her, looking deeply into her eyes. He brings his hand up to her face and lightly strokes it. "I love you more than anything." He told her, his lip quivering, more tears running down his face. His breathing constantly stopping and starting. And his heart thumping hard against his chest.

     They both slowly leaned in and their lips met in this sweet kiss. They'd waited so long for this and finally they got their moment. He brought his hands to her hair and ran his fingers through it. They pulled away from each other and smiled brightly at each other, still more salty tears flowing down their face like  a stream.

  "Humans are so sentimental." Illyria sighed and Gunn burst out laughing, whilst everyone just stared at Gunn. "What? She's funny."

     Wesley took hold of Fred's hand and gave it a light squeeze. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other because they felt that if they looked away, if they closed their eyes for just one moment that they'd wake up and this would all be a dream. "So what do we do now?" Gunn asks everyone.

  "Well..." Giles begins. "As I've said before there's a Hellmoth in Cleveland. I don't suppose Angel Investigations would want to join forces with us and get rid of it?"

      There was a long pause as Angel thought of what to say. "It sounds like a good idea Giles, but if I'm honest this isn't the end of the evil in Los Angeles."

  "Ok, good luck with that."

  "And good luck with the Hellmouth."

  "We won't need it." Kennedy the formal potential Slayer said.

     So the teams went their seperate ways, however, the only difference this time is that Spike rejoined Buffy's gang. He always fitted in better there than he did at Angel Investigations. And as they all left in the dark alleyway, Angel, Fred, Gunn, Connor, Nina the Werewolf and Illyria stood.

      They got a move on, ready for the next challenges they'd face, after all, the City of Angels always had Monsters, no matter how many you killed...

The End

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