A Different Ending

This is your chance for a different, better ending to your favourite T.V. Show/ Film. Just type up your dream ending, and there you'll have it. We can feedback on whether it we feel it should be changed in the same way as well and everything :) Have fun! :D


"I want you," Buffy said, clutching at her bleeding stomach, "to get out of my face!" she managed to grunt before Rona threw something at her. Her weapon. Her Scythe.

 She started to fight through the hordes of vampires, killing them with record speed, sometimes one on one, and sometimes three on one. But that one was a very strong, very pissed Buffy Anne Summers.

 She could still feel her side, the ghost of the sword was still there, but she no longer cared. The world meant a lot more to her.

 Suddenly, a bright light sliced through the darkness, beaming around like a load of torches revolving around. The lights hit every uber-vampire there was, but it was also starting to bring down the building.

 Buffy turned to see that the light was coming from Spike, from his necklace. She ran up to him, and grabbed his hand. Their hands collided with flames licking up from them. But there was no pain. No fear, no doubt, until Spike pulled Buffy out of her version of Heaven; a better version than the one she was at before, when she died last.

 Buffy knew that Spike was going to stay, to end Sunnydale and the Hellmouth, killing him with it. She tried to protest, but he wouldn't let her. There was only one thing she could say.

 "I love you." He smiled at her, and she thought it had worked.

 "No you don't," obviously not, "but thanks for saying it." Spike told her to leave, so she ran up the stone steps, following after Faith and the Potentials. But she stopped.

 "No." She ran back down, grabbed Spike and pulled him with her. He tried to pull away.

 "No, I have to stay here! I can-" Buffy knocked him out, to stop him from trying to kill himself. The two vampires that she'd loved had both tried to kill themselves. She needed to start getting out more...

 She dragged him along the tops of the buildings, chasing the school bus that held her students; her friends, but whilst chasing the bus, the buildings were falling down, and destruction was chasing her.

 She made one last jump for it, and landed on the top of the school bus. Spike had awoken by then, and was running beside her.

 When they landed, they landed kissing.

The End

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