A Lawsuit

Judge: Okay, now I want to hear your side of the story.

Linda: Well, I went to the store about a month ago.

Judge: Is this true Mr. Wren?

George: Yes ma'am.

Judge: Continue.

Linda: I was going to buy some avocados for guacamole but when I went to the produce isle I slipped on a puddle of water.

George: You put it there!

Judge: Hey! Is it you turn to speak?

George: But...

Judge: Is it?

George: No.

Judge: Continue.

Linda: And when I asked Mr. Wren for help he laughed at me!

George: Not true, Your Honor, not true!

Judge: Hey! It's her turn to speak, not yours. She didn't speak during your turn. (Turns to Linda.) Continue.

Linda: I suffered a fractured wrist bone and couldn't go to work for a month.

Judge: Do you have the medical report?

Linda: Yes ma'am. Here. (Hands her a sheaf of papers.)

Judge: Looks official.

George: Or forged.

Judge: What was that?

George: Nothing.

Judge: I've had enough of your backtalk!

George: She's a liar! A liar and a witch!

Judge: I think the solution here is clear. The sum of $5000 for the plantiff.

George: But...

Judge: That is all.

(George leaves courtroom. Linda comes by and bumps past him.)

Linda: Better luck next time, chum.

The End

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