A Good Man

I'm a good man. You have to believe that. I know I've done some things that you, in your naivete call distasteful and disturbing. I've even heard them called evil. Evil! Me! Can you imagine? Ridiculous. Everything I've done, all the work I've put into this plan of mine, all of my blood and sweat and tears, it's all for the greater good. It's for the benefit of humanity! For you, and me, and people I've never even met. To help them. To give them a better life. 

And if some of them have to suffer or die to accomplish that goal... well, isn't it worth the cost? The good of the many must outweigh the good of the few! Every single death hurts me, you know. I feel every one of them. But I don't let it get me down. No, instead I let that pain fuel me, give me the strength I need to take the next step.

I know... I know. They say that two wrongs never make a right. But what else can we do? We've tried it the "right" way for so long, and all for nothing. People still suffer, still live like animals under the heal of oppressors who wallow in vice and sin. We can't fix it. I've tried fixing it. It didn't work! No, that approach got us nowhere. The world must be made anew... started fresh, from scratch. Somebody has to do it. 

Oh, there will be some unfortunate losses during the process. And probably for the few years afterwards, as the survivors adjust. And I will be wracked by guilt. But, in a way, it will just be putting all of those unfortunate souls out of their misery. The world that will be rebuilt by my guiding hand will be better. Far, far better. Just think of the generations of people who will live in this new, perfect world. The number of people yet unborn who's lives I will have made better will dwarf the number of poor souls who may perish. 

It's for the benefit of humanity. I am a good man, doing good things. And you will have a front row seat to my Good Work.

The End

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