I found you today. You were perfect. Your walk seductive and begging for attention. Not a strand of hair dared defy you though the wind was blowing. That skirt is my favorite shade, white. How did you know?  Your legs smooth as satin. Did you shave them just for me? I wanted you and almost lost my cool. I could've grabbed you it would've been easy. You don't pay very close attention, but you will notice me soon.

I followed you for five blocks this morning. My fingers clutching slowly at the pliers in my pocket. I wish I would've thought to bring along the knife, but then again that would be rushing things. I've only known you for two days now and we need to form a better relationship before I take this further. I'm sure it will happen in time, maybe sooner than either of us would like, more you than me really.

I found myself mesmerized by your complete oblivion to the turning heads, men and women both watching you with the same lust as  I. It made me jealous. Did you do that on purpose? Were you trying to force my hand? If so you failed. You shouldn't play those games anymore. I can do things to you, things that will hurt and take hours to finish.  I will do those things eventually, I always do. For now I am happier to follow you, to know your habits, to be close to you from a distance.

You went into a large office building. The same one that you enter every morning. I haven't been in yet. Maybe I will tomorrow. I want to know where you work. I want to know when you take lunch. I want to know who you call friend at work. I need to know you, before we meet. I tell myself that this time you won't reject me, this time it will go differently, this time you will love me for who I am, that maybe this time I won't...but I will.

It's Thursday and I have succeeded in infiltrating your workplace. To tell you the truth it wasn't that hard. They should really have more security around here, any old riff raff can walk in off the street. The woman manning the desk in your office now knows me by name. Not my real name, but an alias. I've used it before, it could be a mistake but she probably won't think anything of it when the news comes. She is a horrible woman with long fake nails painted an awful shade of red. She reminds me of my mother. Nothing like you really. Maybe I should practice with her. I do that sometimes and she seems interested. Would you scream if I told you about? I think I'll do it, practice with her I mean. Thinking about it makes me smile.

It will have to be quick, tonight, and I won't have the time to do it properly. I suspect it won't be a problem for her though. I don't even know if she'll appreciate it, but it's been so long and I want to be perfect for you. She just smiled at me while I made my plans. Very encouraging that smile. I ask. She accepts. Is that a flattered expression I see on her face? It is.

 We'll meet at seven, I'm driving. I had to make sure that she would get in the car with me. I've still got it and tomorrow when I make my move for you I'll know that I can't fail.

Last night was a blur. I can't remember the extent of what I accomplished but I didn't get to finish. I decided at the last minute that maybe I should save her until I you there. A threeway would be nice, I've never done that. I follow you slowly off the train, you always take the train though I know you have a car. You seem more cautious today. You keep looking in your bag, like you've lost something. Maybe you've noticed that I took your keys, I'm pretty sure you think you've lost them.

I see you flirt with the guy at the coffee stand. You know the one you always use. They have your favorite caramel macchiato. I bought one on Monday to pass sometime before I went my own way. It was nice I can see why you like them. I think that will be my momento from you. I'll drink it and think of you. I really wished you hadn't flirted with coffee boy though.

I catch you on the street, at least it appears that way. I tap your shoulder gently. You turn and grab for your bag. You are ready to mace me. You should but you wait to see what I want. I hand you the keys I took from your purse while you were occupied with the paper. I tell you that I have been trying to catch up with you since you left the train. You smile and hold out your hand. We chat awhile about our lives and how hectic they are. You tell me that you're a lawyer, but I already know that. I admit to being a doctor. Your smile broadens. You've bought it hook line and sinker. You thank me and ask if there is anything you can do to repay me. I ask for a date.

You look uncertain, but say yes. I arrange to meet you at the same place I met Cindi, the trashy secretary. I'm elated, but still I have to work too , so I give you my cell number. Making sure that you won't really call and cancel I tell you just how glad that I am that you dropped your keys. I am adept at flirting, I practice that part alot. You smile coyly and I see all your misgivings drop away. I'm in and I know it though you don't .

You had no chance to escape. You got in my car just like Cindi. you cross your knees like a proper lady. She didn't and there in lies the difference between the two of you. It takes you awhile to notice that we are leaving the city. You've been chatting happily about current events obliviously overjoyed to have someone to share your views with when you realize what's going on. You grab the door handle and find it looked, you start to get scared but still have some hope. Then you reach for the knob that should allow the car to be manually unlocked. It's been removed as well. I've thought of everything. That's when you know that you're in real trouble. I smile as I stick the needle in your leg. I watch you pass out.

I carry you into my house. You're still out but coming around. I tie you just like I tied her. Your eyes open and I see your face when you realize that you hadn't missed her at work and are now sitting next to  her in my basement.  You won't get a good night's sleep like she had last night. Tonight I play. Tonight I am in control. Tonight I will use the pliers, then the torch, then the knife. I will start and finish many times before the end and  in the end you will leave here with Cindi. In a black plastic trash bag. When and if they find you they will put you back into my hands. I am the Medical Examiner and I will not be caught today. 

The End

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