I Love Mommy

Mommy says I'm her favourite because I love her and only her. Brian loves God too, so she doesn't love him as much. Mommy likes keeping secrets and Brian and me play the secret game all the time and it's the bestest. The bestest secret ever was when Mommy taught Brian and me the Art. The Art is fun and messy but it always ends and I wish it could go on forever. Brian likes the Art more, it's his favouritist. He says sometimes that God tells him to do the Art without me and Mommy and so I told Mommy and so just smiled and said Brian was a silly-billy and that Brian was a good boy for doing extra work for God but I was still her favourite and because I told her about Brian I could have a special treat.

I like presents!

Mommy gave me a piggybank and told about monies. Money is power, Mommy said. I asked Mommy if that was why Mommy sounded like Money and Mommy laughed and hugged me tight and said I was her favourite. I love my Mommy. Mommy told me money was a me-ta-for and that when people wanted things other people could give it to them for a promise and that there was laws that made you have to do what you promised. Mommy said if they still broke their promises then you had to make sure no-one broke any more promises because promises to Cassoways are promises forever. Mommy said I could be a teacher like her and teach people not to break promises and I could get power. I like power, it's fun! I asked Mommy if using the Art when people broke promises was okay and she said that it was but remember the rules and not getting caught. Mommy then said that sometimes using the Art is too easy because it ends and I hugged Mommy because Mommy knew just how I felt! Mommy said sometimes using the rules to hurt people could last even longer, even forever! Mommy said that's what she did to Daddy and I giggled at silly Daddy. I asked Mommy to teach me about the rules stuff but Mommy said I needed to go to a special school when I was older but I could practice with the neighbours.

Tommy across the street broke his promise when he never brought me sweets even when I brought him sweets so me and Brian did the Art on his cat and put it in his bed. Tommy moved away and everyone kept their promises! I love my Mommy, she's so clever! Mommy was angry though because we'd forgotten a rule of the Art. Brian didn't want to put the cat in the bed because of the rule but Mommy said I needed to be a teacher so I wanted to. I told Mommy it was Brian's idea though and so she punished him by not playing the special game with him for a week! I think Mommy believed me because I'm her favourite. I think being favourite is like money and power and stuff.

I don't think I can love Mommy any more if I have more power than Mommy. I think that's why Mommy hurt silly Daddy with the rules, because she had more power.

I love my Mommy. For now.

The End

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