The Deeper Shadow

Within the shadows, a Deeper Shadow breathes.  He is the emptiness within the nothingness; the end beyond the end.

He has always been with us, those of us who have felt the cold shudder that can pass through a soul when fear becomes incarnate in the world.  He is the unseen designer of those childhood nightmares we don't talk about in our grown up days.    We tuck those nights of darkness in the attics of our memory.  But we still know him.   He never really leaves us be.  He is that silent scream that stabbed our innocence with heart pounding terror, who back then made us cry and who now makes us worry.

This Deeper Shadow who relentlessly waits for us with all his predatory patience, we can hear his hissing whispers out there in the unseen, the unknown, the unwanted silence that haunts us so.

Hear him.  Surely you must hear his softly whispered words.  "Mortal, I am here.  Come nearer.  Do not flee. Surrender and I shall be merciful."

And flee, we will not.    For in our instinct we know that our breaking into panicked flight would mean surely the death of us.  It is that desperation that feeds the shadow's power; it is the fear itself that ignites the deathly blaze in the hunter's golden eye; it is the fear that fuels his savage snarl;  it is the fear that satisfies his ravenous hunger that drives him so.  It is the fear he must have, his blood demands it.  Yes, it is the fear he loves.   And he knows we somehow love it too.

The End

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