The One You Would Least Expect

You would not expect me to be a villain. In fact, most people would expect me to be anything but. I've probably been at your side for years - a childhood companion, a highschool sweetheart, a close family friend. I could have known you since you were "yea high" and wearing nappies. You could have told me all your secrets, shared with me your deepest fears and most burning desires. I might have been the one who helped you through a difficult time, the one who helped you pick up the pieces after a plan goes wrong, helped you stand when you were too weak to hold yourself up.

You wouldn't expect me to be a villain. That's why you hate me.

You hate me because I betrayed you. After all the long years of friendship, love and trust between us, I stabbed you in the back. It could have been anything, even the most insignificant little thing could have caused a rift. Perhaps I took offence at a joke you made about me, perhaps I grew jealous when your success far outweighed my own, perhaps I envied your undying love for a new partner. Whatever it was, that little piece of ice you drove into my heart froze solid, destroying all the love I ever had for you and leaving nothing but hatred in its wake. I didn't want to stand aside and let you steal all the glories of life from me. I didn't want to be pushed aside to make room for someone else. I didn't want to be some understudy, constantly purring in your ear and licking your boots like some sycophantic Yes Man. After all, there are no prizes for second place.

So I hurt you. I wrought upon you the most terrible revenge I could think of. I used all those secrets you had whispered so furtively in my ear all those years ago. You let me get close to you, and in doing so you became vulnerable. I knew your weak spots, I knew how to really make you hurt. I used my own knowledge of you to break your heart, to tear your life apart piece by piece, gleeful in the horror of my destruction. You cried for mercy, begging me to stop, pleading with me, saying over and over again how sorry you were. But I didn't listen. Your screams were music to my ears, every moment of your pain was like sweet honey to a bee. I enjoyed causing your destruction. Oh yes, I enjoyed it.

I am Judas who betrayed Jesus to the Romans. I am Brutus who stabbed final dagger into Caesar's back. I am the one you thought you could trust. I am the one you would least expect.

The End

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