I walk the streets. I walk the streets just like everyone else. I walk the streets filled with all the sheep. The pigs. The cattle. Humanity. But I cover my face. I protect myself. I have to. And I must cleanse.

I must cleanse. I must. I must cleanse the world. I must cleanse myself. Never clean. Can never be rid of my sin. That's what they told me. But this isn't for them. It isn't for any of them. It is to cleanse the Earth. Our rotting world.

I'm not crazy. They said I was crazy. The doubters. Is it crazy to want revenge? To repay those who wrought my destruction? No. Not about me. Must cleanse the world of stupidity. Of ignorance. Of war. Of humanity. No other option. I must. It is my duty. Not about me.

The doubters were cleansed. No room for doubt. Those who doubt, must be cleansed. No room. Must be cleansed. I was scolded for my eagerness. Too early he said. It needed to be done. It was fun.

Every night I sit in the dark. Preparing. I will be ready. When I am called, I will be ready. My tools glimmer in the candlelight, waiting for their hour of beautiful work. It will be glorious. The world will be clean. Then I shall be forgiven. No. Not about me. Must be done.

One day I will be called. The voice will return and I shall be given purpose once more. To fulfill the glorious future. He said I was weak. But I am strong. I will make him proud. Make him regret his doubts. No room for doubt.

Until that day, I walk the streets. I do my job. I act as if I am a sheep. But I am no sheep. I am the wolf. Your wolf. And when the day comes, there will be no shepard to save you. The world shall be cleansed. The future will come. There will be no more doubt. And you will scream. You all will scream.

The End

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