A Diabolically Villainous Challenge: Back for Revenge

The reincarnation of an old challenge of mine, which you can find here: http://prt.ag/6Kxq

Your challenge: write me a villain

I've issued this challenge before, but it went so well last time that I figured it'd be worth a shot to issue it again.

The task is fairly simple: give me a villain of some kind.  Describe him/her/it in dialog, words, even verse should it strike you to do so.  Give us reason, one or multiple reasons, to love to hate this person or thing; you can hint at a tragic past to give motive, but make us get over the pity quickly.

- You're free to twist this villian and his/her/its actions, but keep it out of "mature"-tag-necessary territory.
- If you've participated in the challenge before, you're not allowed to reuse your previous entry(ies)

Other than that, though, you're free to create any sort of villain, and submit more than once should you be inspired.

Deadline is Friday, August 13th.  I haven't decided if I'm going to judge entries yet.

Good luck, godspeed, force be with you, feliz navidad, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The End

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