Final ReminderMature

Weeks past
Things seemed to be returning to normal
She hadn't seen him for days
Her parents took her to see someone
They said she'd be fine
At her age she would forget with time

Then there was an encounter
In the park
Sitting on the roundabout
She had seen the looks his younger sister sent her
Was aware she disliked her
Believed her to be a liar

She never expected to be confronted though
The girl was her age
But the words she yelled were beyond her years for sure
This was how the girl learnt they were moving
She thought it was a choice his parents had made
But later learnt the army had forced it

Her parents chose not to push for charges
Though there would always be a mark on his record
They were told going through all that
Would mean she would remember
But they underestimated the power of her memories

The End

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