A Morning VisitorMature

The memory's of the next days were blurred
She remembers going downstairs
Finding her mum in the same chair
The one she had sobbed and sobbed into while her mum held her
But whatever moment they had had
It was gone

Her mum was busy
Her dad had come back a few days ago
But he'd been asleep when the bullies had dropped her off
If he had been informed
He showed no indication of it

Then the doorbell rang
Mum answered it
The policewomen spoke kindly to her
Asking her about what had happened
But she didn't know the words or phases to use
The policewomen repeated the words the bullies had used

She agreed with them
They probably knew better than she did
But they had exaggerated her recollection
Twisted it to suit their own desires
To see the boy gone

There was nothing real
Not in the eyes of the law

The End

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