The AftermathMature

Her world was shaken
But she didn't know what to do
Any idea of telling seemed ridiculous
She could hear her mums scorned voice
As she told her it was her own fault

Because she had let him do the other stuff
No, this was just expected
And any illusion of safety was driven away
When he found her the next day
The threat was clear and dangerous

But she was glad he hadn't touched her
So she didn't tell anyone
And after the confrontation
She hid in her room

Her days became consumed by playing lego and sims 2
She contemplated calling the ex she'd broken up with to be with him
But he wouldn’t care
He'd still be mad about everything
Say it served her right
And she would agree

But the choice to tell was taken from her
Her friend finally convinced her to go outside
But as she sat atop the climbing frame
The bullies approached
Seemed right that the rain would chose that moment to fall
The drops caused her to shiver violently as she tried to run away with the others
But it was hopeless and she was caught

Suddenly the grab of a stranger hand had a whole other meanings
And she cried out
Lashed violently
He let her go out of shock but the others were already there
She was cornered
A wooden fence behind her and tree overhanging
Nettles shining in the fading light

Then insults flew
Some words she understood
Others she didn't
The ones she did made no sense
Then his name was mentioned and she added the pieces
Were they planning to do the same?
Too much was similar for her not to think so

The tears began before she could stop them
Raw and loud
Undiluted fear and sadness
Tears she would rarely cry after

With her vision blurred
And her memory re-running the reel
She told them what had happened
Most of the faces looking at her paled

The lead bully gently took her hand and led her home
After that moment they would never bother her again
But they also told her mum and the police

The End

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