The hopelessness of the situation descended on her like a hawk
But as he was lowered her jeans
And his own
A strong wind moved past them
Causing the nearby long grass to shuffle
As if feet had walked over them

She felt him stiffen against
Then he backed away
His eyes wide as he looked towards the sound
Then he grabbed his shirt and ran

She stood frozen, trying to understand everything
Trying to condense it into an understandable language
But it was impossible

Eventually she realised her state and fixed her jeans
She picked up her shirt and tried to ignore the fresh hole in the side
Where he'd forced his thumb through
Creating a gaping hole that would never be fixed
She tried to ignore the anguish as she remembered it as a goodbye present

When she was dressed she walked out of the area
Her body shivering
Suddenly the clouds were there
The sun hidden from view
She warily looked around
But whoever had disturbed the grass was invisible to her

She glanced back to the park, knowing she'd have to re-enter the place to get home
She clutched her eyes shut and did it
Suddenly the feel of the wire brushing her arm made her flinch
The nettle were full of poison
To be avoided at all costs
And the darkness was too much
She'd discovered claustrophobia

The End

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