The EventMature

It was a sunny day
And the warmth from the cloudless sky
Made her feel at ease
She was used to everything now
Any worries that it was wrong long faded from her mind

She followed him to the usual place
Only this time he pulled her further away from the other voices
To the secluded shortcut
Trapped between a broken wired fence
The nails sticking out of the concrete column
Only high enough to reach her lower back
The tall, sparse grass

The brushes and trees
The nettles that emerged from vinery overhead

This place had always felt a little unsafe to her
But it took mere seconds to squeeze past
But he trapped her in the centre
The usual requests
But she didn't like this place
She felt too shut in

So she denied his request to take off her top
Asking if they could go somewhere else instead
It happened in an instant
The shock akin to being thrown into ice cold water
Her back hit the column and pain racketed up her spine
The wires dug into her back.
Nettles brushed and digged into her head and neck

She felt confusion consume her
She didn't understand why he was doing this
His expressions was alien to her
The anger etching itself into deep lines
His nails scratched her sides painfully as he pulled the top off her

She tried to back away
To hear her back protest against the stone
She glanced towards the park
But no one could see
Screaming never entered her mind

She felt his hands touch as always
But they were harsher
His face changed again
Back to his normal smile
She knew she was shaking
And her confusion doubled

He asked her to remove her jeans
But she didn't want to
This was always the point she said no
But after what had happened
She feared what he'd do

She realised too late that she had been thinking too long
He pulled her towards him, attacking her button and flies
She struggled lamely
She'd never realised he was this strong
His grip on her arms tightened and she winced in pain
He wasn't going to let he go

The End

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