The truth she managed to hide from herself
The thing of disgust that she forgot
Because she didn't stay naïve
No, her intuition was too smart for that
She knew what was going on
Knew these were acts only adults did

But did she refuse or turn away?
No, as time went on
She would barely hesitate
The “games” they played never changed
So what reason
Did she have for shame?

She believed it'd never grow into more
She was certain he wouldn't hurt her
Not the boy who treated her like this
Treated her like her thoughts mattered
Not like she was some ignorant child

No, she didn't stay naïve
And that's why the blame wouldn't fade
Maybe there were times he asked for more
But he didn't push when she told him no
So what reason
Was there to worry?

She considered telling her mum
But then she figured
What was the point?
Her mum was always busy, rushed
Never had time to hear her “umm”
As she tried
To shovel and search
For the spoken words to say
The words that could've saved 

The End

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