The first sign
A rather big one to be frank
Was when they were in that hiding place
He turned to her
And out of the blue asked her out
She had no clue what to think
Of course it never crossed her mind it was weird
Him being fifteen and her eleven

She didn't like him per say
But she didn't dislike him
And she knew that being with someone
Was meant to be a happy thing
She was meant to be happy he was asking her out

And when she did think about her age
She merely wondered if she seemed more mature
The idea of being seen as someone older and wiser appealed to her
The idea that she wasn't just some dumb kid
That someone took everything she said seriously

That they didn't “tut”
And tell her to get out of the way
That they didn't tell her to stop messing around
And instead listened to everything
She liked the idea of having a boyfriend
Her mind was so naïve
It's laughable
She thought herself to be grown up when she said yes
Very laughable indeed

But what he asked next startled her
What a weird request
Did couples normally do this?
She didn't know
She didn't know what adults did or didn't do
But hadn't she just said she wanted to be more mature?
So she let his hands explore
Hoping it wouldn't go on too long

She contemplated telling her mum about it
Once she was home that evening
But what was the point?
Like mum said
She was always getting in the way 

The End

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