No ReasonMature

She saw no reason not to follow him
They always hid behind the fence and big tree
Just outside the park
Out of sight and earshot
All the houses nearby had their windows and doors facing away

But they always said they preferred it that way
No one to bother them
Afterall children were children
And rumours circulated since the start of their friendship
She thought nothing of it
He was just a friend

But maybe he had different thoughts
They were unknown to her at the time
All she knew was she was giggling
Watching the younger children play
She glanced at her watch
She'd need to head home soon
Not that her parents were especially strict

They lived in a barracks
High fences on all four sides
Nothing could possibly harm their youngest child
There were guards at the entrances
And parents looked out for all the kids
Half of those were strong army men or women
No reason to worry 

The End

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