She continues to swing
Feel the warmth of summer embed into her soul
She starts to feel safe

What reason does she have to worry?
It seems her old friends have forgotten her
But that's fine
Soon she'll start school
It'll be near the end of the last year
But she doesn't mind

She begins to learn the rules of the barracks
Who the bullies are
Who the biggest clowns are
Where the little shop is
The secret park hidden at the back
Right up against the fences
The short-cut everyone takes
Though a bit of wired fence and overgrown bush and tree

All the while her first friend is there
Always smiling and being kind
Understanding the initial pain of her move
Their all army brats
All had to leave friends behind
All had to carve out a new life

She thinks a lot of her brother
Hiding in his room
He'd had one or two friends in the last place
But she worries that won't be the case here
But its none of her business
So she continues to play silly games of tag
And waits for her first day of school 

The End

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