A day in the life of a German math teacher

Damn, the kid's playing on his calculator again, not paying attention. 

"Man, if you keep playing on your calculator all day, you won't be able to understand this stuff!"

That got his attention.

Math. Sine. Cosine. Tangent. Pythagorean identity theorem. Man, I really hope this is getting through to them. Not a hand. Damn, that was a stupid question. How do these kids not know the Pythagorean theorem? Another hand. This girl is so impatient. Of course this stuff is useful! 

"Get off of your calculator man! Pay attention!"

Not her again. "You are really starting to get annoying." Shoot, that came out of my mouth. I don't know why someone needed to know the angle of the ladder! 

Back to math. Explain. Please understand, please understand, please understand. How do I scare the living crap out of the kid sleeping in the corner? 

"Dividing is not the same thing as multiplying." 

"Sine is not pronounced 'sin', it's pronounced like 'sine'."

"Yes, sine like a stop sign. Whatever floats your bubble." No, that's not right... How does that saying go again? Damn English. Stop talking!

"Guys, it doesn't help you understand this stuff if you're talking about your next lunch date. Please put the calculators away, stop talking, wake up, because this stuff is really important for your next test and for life in general."

Okay. Math. Trigonometry. Rationalize the denominator. Reciprocals, not inverses. Not another hand. Okay, not so bad. Another hand. Shoot, I lost her. They're making it more complicated than it actually is. 

"I'm speaking in German again. I can tell by the look on your face."

Everyone's asking questions at once now. "Hang on a second. I've got ten different talks right now."

Where the hell would the one half x come from? "Why not make it easy?" 

"You with me so far?" Got it? Good. 

Ten more minutes. Shoot. I'm running out of time. 

"This is kind of cool, look!" They aren't impressed. Maybe if I tie this in to a story about a stupid French person, they would get it. Good, someone laughed.

Do they understand now? "Can somebody say 'Ja'?"

Ja, they totally understand.

The End

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