A Day in the Life of a Pekingese Doggie

My name is Trisha, and I rule my household. I'm all black, which is rather rare for my breed. My mommy person says she should call me Mopsie, because I'm just a little black mop with feet. I have a huge under bite, which means my lower fangs stick up over my bottom lip. It looks really odd. I have no nose, and my tongue is so long I can almost wash my big bulgy eyes with it. My owner people think I'm adorable, but my mommy's sister thinks I'm ugly, but then she thinks chihuahuas are cute. There's no accounting for taste.

I sleep on a foam pillow beside my people's bed. My day begins when one of them gets up to let me out. I have a full harness that goes around my chest and back that my rope is attached to. It's a really long rope, and I have a big back deck and lots of yard to run in. I used to chase squirrels, but they just sit on the back fence and laugh at me when I run to the end of my rope, and I'm pulled back onto my butt. I hate squirrels. They're just big furry rats - ugh.

I'm forced to share my house with a big hairy cat named Rufus, who weighs almost two pounds more than I do. He's big, but dumb. He doesn't realize that he could probably take me in a fight. I like to chase him all over the house. My people complain that we sound like a freight train running up and down the stairs. They're always yelling at me to leave the cat alone. When Rufus gets tired of running, he stops in his tracks and just looks at me. When he stops, I stop, then lick his ears.

I like to lick things. I lick the cat whenever I can get close enough. I lick people's hands and feet, their clothes, and their faces if I can get near enough. I lick the carpet, and the blanket on the couch. I lick my toys and furniture feet. I eat just about anything I can find on the floor, or dig out of a waste basket. I particularly like tissues. It doesn't matter to me whether they're new or used. I can be rather nasty when someone tries to take anything I'm not supposed to have, out of my mouth. I lunge at the person and yap my little head off. I can be scary when I want to.

I bark at other dogs. I really don't like other dogs for some reason. Today I went to the vet to have my rabies and distemper shots. My people put me in a pet carrier, because I can't be trusted in the animal hospital if there are other dogs, or cats around. There was a huge big white dog that came out of  a treatment room into the waiting area today, and I went nuts! I barked like crazy and rammed my face into the wire mesh door of the carrier. No wonder my face is so squashy. I don't know why I did it. That dog could have eaten me alive.

I'm very active. Sometimes I run back and forth in the house just because I can. The cat stays out of my way. I have a floppy furry stuffed dog that I take in my mouth and try to shake to death. Sometimes I do this till I get dizzy and I have to flop on the floor to rest. I like my house. I like my people. I even like the cat.

The End

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