A Day in the life of a lipstick.

Today is one of the good days.  As dawn breaks the purse top, I feel her touch and pray she's not just pushing me aside to reach for another.  When her fingers wrap around me and pull me into her palm I realize she has chosen me again.  It's heart-crushing just to consider that I might be her favorite.  I have to remind myself to just enjoy today.  Just enjoy today.  

As she uncovers me, and gently caresses my base with her fingers, the anticipation takes my breath away.  It all happens so fast.  With a quick gentle twist, my moist red shaft extends for her.  She holds me close, and I feel her warm breath.  Her lips part, her jaw opens slightly, and sudenly it's happening.  The soft friction of flesh on my tip brings an extacy that overtakes all time and space.  Long strokes, then quick urgent strokes, then a few final strokes, and I can feel that part of my soul has died.  I know a small part of me is gone, already sent to heaven.  

My head swims.  I can see myself all over her lips.  Now I just want to sleep.  She tucks me in, and I fall asleep thinking about how I'll be with her for the rest of the day.  I dream about her pulling me out later.  Maybe she'll need a touch up around lunch time...

The End

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