A Day in the Life of a Night Shift Worker.

My day technically starts at midnight, but by that time, I've already been at work for one hour on the 'graveyard' shift, overnight. I have a fifteen minute break at 1:00 am, a half hour meal break at 3:00 am, and my last fifteen minute break at 5:00 am. I finish work at 7:00 am.

I get off work on a Tuesday morning, do a bit of shopping at the store where I work, and go home. I do some housework, watch some TV and go to bed about noon - it's still Tuesday. I get up around 8:00 pm. I have a shower, get dressed for work, and it's still Tuesday. I have some supper, pack a lunch for my meal break, then go to work, and guess what? It's still Tuesday. I go to work on Tuesday night, but I come home on Wednesday morning. It's a very  schizophrenic  way to live. I never know what day it is. I've done it for sixteen years, so I'm used to it - just don't ask me if I'm coming or going, because I rarely know for sure.

The End

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