A Day In The Life of a Bipolar Maniac

I woke up this morning long before the alarm was scheduled to go off. Not even sure why I set the stupid thing. No, I do ... but more about that later.

I jumped out of bed, my head full of ideas for the day. I reached for the notebook on the nightstand, only to remember that I had not put it there the night before as I had planned. No matter! It must be in front of the computer.

However, when I got to the computer, I realized that I had not purchased the notebook in the first place.

"I need somewhere to jot down all my ideas," I told myself. Grabbing a piece of scratch paper, I jot down my ideas for the day, starting with a trip to the store. It quickly grew to fill the entire strip.

Before heading to the store, though, I tackle the dishes piling up in the sink. I plug into my phone and listen to Pandora. After a few minutes of that, I sit down on the cough to catch my breath, which turns into eight hours of Netflix.

I crash and am awakened by the alarm 16 hours later.

The End

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