A day in the life of... a teenage girl

Checking my facebook feed I watched the pictures of Milli in her bikini, along with Karrie and Joe and everyone else. Why couldn't I've gone? Look at that sun, the perfect meditteranean turquoise water. And look at that stomach, so flat and perfectly white. 

I looked down at my own belly. It was sheathed in a black dress with a large belt at my waist. Not exactly flat, despite my training. This dress is perfect for the office... Oh poopcats! It's almost 7:30pm! Expletive!

On the bus, breathless. Arrive at my stop, walk to the office. People watch me as I walk in with raised eyebrows. Is it not obvious I'm the therapist, not the one needing the therapy? I glare back at them.

I get back home at 5:30pm. Switch on the x-box. Time to kill some aliens.

Harry walks in. She sighs.

"Shouldn't you be revising, Sarah? Just because you're on work experience..."

I switch off as she lectures me again. That's all she does now, not even a lie.

She leaves after I yell at her. I miss my little Harry, the one I had before Dad left, and Harry decided it was her job to bully me into working. I die on the game and swear loudly.

"Nice greeting." Ade laughs as he walks in. We play slayer for a while, then we talk after supper. I can tell he misses Matt, my brother. They were great friends, but now he's back at uni. After a while we sit next to each other on the sun, watching the stars. I imagine a glittering vortex and nebula next to the moon, bright white and glittering.

I look over at Ade. My best friend, though he's almost 3 years older than me. He looks back and smiles. I take my chance and kiss him. My heart plummets and rises to my throat. I'd forgotten that feeling, when I took control, took a chance.

Just another day. Complete, and completely different to any other day. Just like all the others.

(Sorry, wrote quite a bit more than I meant to... tried not to swear, but since this is a teenage girl she is meant to swear quite a lot :P)

The End

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