A Day in the Life of...the innocent onlooker

I snicker as he gets pushed to the floor again, his books scattering the hallway.  The bully looks at me with a nod, which I return, a smirk curling on my lip.  I don't do anything to the kid, but he looks at me with absolute terror in his eyes like I'm about to.  I just turn and preoccupy myself with my locker, taking longer time than usual trying to unlock it.  I want to see this...

The boy is thrust up and into one of the lockers near mine, and he slumps down and lays on the ground.  He rubs his head and glares at the bully, then at me.  Why is he looking at me like that?  I'm not the one pushing him to mush...

The bully sneers as he grabs the kid by the collar of his shirt to pull him back to his feet, turns him around and slams him against a locker again.  "Stay," he orders, and the kid is too dazed to do anything but listen.  "Ultimate wedgie time," the bully choruses, and he delivers what his statement announced.  The kid winces but dares not make a sound, at least, until the bully  is dragging him by the back of his boxers to the gym.  I can hear him squeaking and whimpering until the sound of the squealing gym doors opening ring out.  He's going to be hanged on the basketball net...I know...it's the third time this week, and it's only Tuesday.  

The next day, twerp-face is nowhere to be found.  There's an announcement this morning...Twerp-face was found dead of a drug overdose.  Suicide, they called it.  

I didn't do anything to him...not once...why do I feel so guilty?

The End

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