A day in the life of a Spy

I sneak into the enemies base. I kill the first guard with a pop to the head with my silenced pistol, and then I move his body into a corner.

I check my phone and see I got a text from one of my many girlfriends. This one is from Skarlet. She's a dirty girl.

After looking at the text I continue to infiltrate the base. I need to make my way to the computer lab and steal the information about the nuclear weapons.

As I walk nonchalantly in my thousand dollar tuxedo towards the computer lab, I somehow get spotted by a guard. He sprints over to me and swings his fist at my face. I grab his arm with my left hand while punching him in the gut with my right. As he doubles over in pain I knee him in the face and he flys backwards and hits the wall.

I take a quick martini break, (shaken, not stirred), and finally find the computer lab. I take out my pistol and kick down the door. I then aim my gun at each of the 4 guards and take them out one by one before they get a chance to draw their guns.

I insert my flash drive into the main computer, extract the information, and then I walk right out the front door. Time to go see Skarlet.

The End

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